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SaaS Database Customers depend on data availability, any time, any day, 24/7.
However, there can be unforeseen events such as:

1. Availability:

When there is a lack of availability (such as a worker in the field with no access or poor access to the internet and therefore their data), this affects Mission Critical Applications and Data Availability for both general and live business applications, severely impacting decision making.

2. Table Size Limits:

They can affect historical data and decision making agility, add to customer cost and impede DBMS capabilities.Few companies today can afford uncontrolled table storage, periods of limited or no access, or the inability to access key information, necessitating a robust solution to the problem which will:

  1. Ensure data availability
  2. Manage table growth and storage
  3. Synchronize upon end of unavailability period
  4. Promote customer/user confidence
  5. Provide “Client Excellence” experience with a Fail Safe/Fail Over reliability

The Solution:

Because of these challenges, P800x ShareTRAC Solutions quickly recognized the need for:

  • An Auto Archive mechanism to control active table size
  • A configurable Data Mirror that could reflect archived data back into real-time usage quickly and effectively, set to the number of minutes the user organization requires between refresh

The Solution above set the stage for tackling the challenges presented by unavailable data as well as the field/mobile interconnectivity issues, whereby the internet connection is unreliable or unavailable.

As a result P800x ShareTRAC Solutions (an Intuit QuickBase Partner) created two Application Products to ensure 24/7 data availability, ensuring that business critical processes continue - no matter what happens.

  • The Data Mirror is configurable by the data administrator to a business appropriate time interval for refreshes
  • User permissions control what data fields are available The user accesses the data mirror, performs queries and does reporting
  • The data is copied and pasted into an Excel Workbook
  • ControlTRAC builds a configuration table and sets it up as a new archive report with a report ID. At this point, it is doing the reporting and filtering data inside the database in MySQL
  • All work during data unavailability is pointed to the Administrative User who merges and imports everything back when the event ends
  • $200 per month and $500 implementation Fee includes 2 Gigabytes of application space storage, support 24/7

1. ControlTRAC -Benefits:

  • 2 GIGABYTES of application space storage
  • Uninterrupted business use of data during an event
  • Controlled access of known business critical data
  • Productive viewing, filtering, reporting unimpeded during an event
  • Professional administration of merge and import when RDMS is available again

2. MobileTRAC - Features:

  • Uses VB.net and HTML 5
  • During a data unavailability event or disconnected Internet, ControlTRAC is still there, but MobileTRAC reads the data from outside the DBMS. Functionality is via a “Button” on MobileTRAC and is stored in cache (a mini MySQL or CSV file) on the user’s mobile device. At the end of the event, or when internet availability returns, MobileTRAC synchronizes itself
  • During the event, the user can view data, modify data, create and run reports and ADD RECORDS
  • Collision avoidance is managed in disconnected mode by identification as “mobile” at synchronization
  • Audit capabilities still track, as tables are logged when restored or set a status RE: “archive restoration”
  • ControlTRAC + additional consulting + $10 per user/month includes 2 Gigabytes of application space storage, support 24/7

2. MobileTRAC -Benefits:

  • 2 GIGABYTES of application space storage
  • Extended worker productivity
  • Uninterrupted business critical application use
  • Expanded capabilities, especially data input, enabling adding records
  • Automatic synchronization, removing the burden from Administrative users
  • Minimized impact of unforeseen lack of availability for distributed/field workers
  • Device independent – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


Auto archiving and data mirroring provide the fail-safe and fail-over capabilities that businesses need to save money and time, managing space/storage issues while greatly minimizing the impact of data unavailability events on customer organizations.

Whether using ControlTRAC or MobileTRAC, both office users and distributed/field users can both maintain productivity while pursuing the business drivers and processes that ensure success in today’s fast-paced 24/7 business environment

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