Company Overview

Fulfilling work orders for clients in a safe, complete way is an ever-present challenge in today’s fast paced environment. Scope and specifics change constantly, putting Management, Clients, Partners and Personnel at risk for accurate delivery, correct invoicing, sustainable inventory, fulfilled commitments and relevant training.

Enduring challenges include:

  • Skyrocketing Labor Costs
  • High Operating Costs
  • Inventory Creep
  • Unpredictable Business Patterns
  • Client Churn
  • Fluctuating Technology Landscapes
  • Outdated Legacy Systems
  • Siloed Partial Solutions

The difference between success and failure depends on planning, logistics, deployment and value-added services. Successful companies leverage these areas to measure key performance indicators, add value and lower costs.

The bigger the project, the larger the problem & Lowering costs is the mantra of the day.

At P800x, we know all about these problems. We've lived, eaten and breathed them, just like you. And just like you, we bought software and hardware and consulting & only to find out they didn't solve our whole problem & particularly intelligent GPS analytics.

We are the ShareTRAC Performance Solutions Company. Our management team has over 140 combined years of experience in managing construction and service related businesses. Not only do we intimately understand controlling costs and managing labor, we understand any company that has to compete and win.

Our ShareTRAC applications help you manage costs, create ad-hoc reporting, do real-time analysis, deploy dynamic technologies like intelligent GPS, use business intelligence and integrate with your legacy systems to solve your unique problems.

Our Patented Solutions include an Open Portal Bridge which integrates multiple systems and architectures.

Whether you've invested in SalesForce Systems, Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit QuickBase, ERP and MRP systems, Word, Excel, HTML 5, Amazon S3, PHP, SQL, Javascript, MySQL, Drupal, VB.NET, ASP.net, Cloud-Based Infrastructure, SaaS, Mobile Application Deployment and more, our solutions have you covered.

We help you:

  • Deploy the right people, the right resources and the right approach
  • Lower Costs
  • Maximize ROI
  • Identify Spending Patterns
  • Create competitive opportunities

With the P800x ShareTRAC Solutions
Suite, you're keeping good company.

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