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Field Service Management System

Principled Progress

At P800x, we know that the SaaS innovations solutions we bring to market are in of themselves, Leaders. Leaders in Technology, Modernization, Methodology, Quality, Science and Social Engineering.

As a result, we have the added responsibility of ensuring relevancy and effectiveness, brilliance and community. Our designed deployments synergize seamlessly and flawlessly with our clients’ needs and we maintain this objectivity to Best-In-Breed standards.

We embrace the Theory of Relativity … Let’s Increase Velocity.

Green Commitment

With all of the talk about “Greening Up”, actual SaaS delivery is rare and difficult to measure. With our P800x ShareTRAC Solutions Suite, we engage technologies to bring unparalleled environmental impact to the services sector. Simple things like reducing idling time, windshield time, gasoline and paper consumption add up to dramatic effects and significant savings, both environmentally and fiscally.

Our efficiency origins began 90 years ago, when our Nation’s economy was struggling against an extraordinary economic downturn. We learned then as we continue to know today, being smart with resources will produce huge savings.

We save energy, save water, and save gas … Let’s Save tomorrow.

Innovation Promise

Leaders create and implement ideas that make things better. Relaxing is not an option, ever. Technology paradigm shifts are constant and marketplace needs are dynamic.

At P800x ShareTRAC Solutions, we recognize and accept our responsibility to our clients, shareholders and employees, to stay in front of emerging trends and technologies. Whether it’s consulting with lawmakers, learning from customers or partnering with foremost technology providers, we make the daily commitment to lead the pack and stay abreast of cutting-edge technologies.

We learn, change, and move … Let’s Step Up.

Global Sensitivity

The world is a changeable, energetic place. Economic, political and social changes impact how we consider system deployment. Significant worldwide partnering communities exist to provide input and support for leaders that listen.

At P800x ShareTRAC Solutions, we are great listeners. We consider the challenges that our global customers face and seek to implement answers on a case by case basis. Having a call center in the Philippines can present unique challenges compared to having a center in the United States, training personnel in China can present diversity differences from training UK personnel. Because we provide SaaS solutions to world companies, we value and embrace differences and guarantee extendable results.

We include, inspire, and increase perspectives … Let’s Broaden Horizons.

We help you:

  • Deploy the right people, the right resources and the right approach
  • Lower Costs
  • Maximize ROI
  • Identify Spending Patterns
  • Create competitive opportunities

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